There has been a change in ownership. How do I correct the names on my tax bill(s)?
In order to change a name or trustee's name on a real estate tax bill, the Assessors' Office must receive a copy of a recorded deed or newly recorded trustee document filed at the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds or Land Court.

In order to remove a decedent's name from a real estate tax bill, in cases where property is held as "tenants by the entirety" or "joint tenants," the Assessors' Office requires a recorded copy of a death certificate. In the case of property held as "tenants in common," the Assessors' Office requires an Inheritance Tax Release of Lien. The process of probating a will often takes several years. The Assessors' Office will make the change once the probate has been finalized. If you feel that a probate has been completed and the Assessors' Office has not changed the title, please contact the Assessors' Office.

In the event your name has changed, please provide the Assessors' Office with the appropriately recorded document(s) from the Registry of Deeds or Land Court.

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