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Nov 29

New Police Station

Posted on November 29, 2016 at 2:57 PM by Lynne Martin

Brief History:
  • Police needs assessment performed in 2009 – Several deficiencies identified by The Center for Public Safety.
  • Building Committee formed to assist in siting and sizing a police station
  • Several site alternatives and design iterations brought forward
  • An Existing Conditions Study was performed in 2015 – The Carell Group
  • 2009 Assessment & 2015 Study – Both conclude need for a new Police Station.

Here is what we did - Developed a Police Station Building Program:
  • Formulated a building program
  • Applied building program to each site – Approx. 12,000 sq. ft. Bldg.
  • Identified & analyze site options including regulatory limitations
  • Evaluated probable project cost


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