Historic District Commission

Mission & Authority:

To promote the cultural, economic, educational and general welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Provincetown through: 1.) the preservation and protection of the distinctive characteristic of buildings and places significant in the history and development of Provincetown; 2.) maintaining and improving the settings of these buildings and places; and 3.) the encouragement of design compatible with buildings existing in the area, so as to continue to maintain the historic village, fishing, artistic, cultural, commercial and residential character and other qualities which distinguish the town as a desirable community for permanent and seasonal residents and visitors.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Laurie Delmolino, Historical Commission Rep. - Term Ends 12/31/20
  • Christopher Mathieson, PAAM Rep. - Term Ends 12/31/20
  • Thomas Biggert, Pilgrim Monument Rep., Chair - Term Ends 6/30/22
  • Rita "Hersh" Schwartz, Chamber of Commerce Rep. - Term Ends 12/31/21
  • John Dowd, PBG Rep.- Term Ends 12/31/21
  • Martin Risteen, Alternate - Term Ends 12/31/21
  • Michela Carew-Murphy, Clerk, Alternate - Term Ends 12/31/21

Contact: Building Commissioner, Anne Howard