Public Records Request

Public Records Access Officer for the Provincetown Police Department

The following person has been designated as the Records Access Officer for the Provincetown Police Department pursuant to the Public Records Law. All Public Records requests should be directed to this person using the contact information provided below. Public Records may be made in-person, via USPS mail or electronic mail. We are not required by law to fulfill telephone requests.

Name: James F. Golden

Title: Chief of Police Address: 26 Shankpainter Road Provincetown, MA 02657

Phone: 508-487-7000 Extension # 320

Fax: 508-487-4488

Email the Police Department

Revisions to the Massachusetts Public Records Law effective January 1, 2017 require us to list the categories of public records we hold ("Guidelines"). Please note that records are subject to exemptions and fees as set forth by law.

  • Arrest reports
  • Incident reports
  • Accident reports
  • Photographs
  • Correspondence
  • Audio recordings
  • Video recordings
  • Miscellaneous case documents
  • Miscellaneous administrative documents & records


Many people who request police reports are actually referring to incidents which did not generate a report, but are simply entries in our log.

Our daily logs are public information and may be reviewed here during normal business hours free of charge by coming to the station and requesting them by date. The logs we make available for public review remain in the station at all times. If log entries are printed as part of a report request, a fee will apply. Basic information about every call is available on the Want to Read the Police Log page of this website.

Examples of calls which would be log entries but may not generate a report are: Animal complaints, non-reportable accidents*, minor neighbor disputes, minor vandalism, motor vehicle stops, reports of suspicious vehicles or persons, medical assists, false burglar alarms, public service calls, etc.

Examples of calls which generally generate a report are: Domestic disturbances, all arrests, reportable accidents*, breaking & entering, suspected criminal activity, reported sex crimes, assault & battery, etc.

* Look for "Definitions" on our Accident Assistance page for an explanation of reportable vs. non-reportable accidents


1. All requests are subject to approval of the Chief of Police before being fulfilled and may not be immediately available. The law allows us 10 business days to respond to requests; we usually endeavor to fill them within a few days for your convenience.

2. It is our goal to provide the public with access to information legally defined as public, while maintaining the confidentiality of information exempted by law. The Provincetown Police Department complies with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Records Law (M.G.L. c. 66, § 10d). Therefore if approved, the report you receive may have some information redacted (blacked out). Some examples of potential exemptions include:

  • cases/accidents/incidents which are currently under investigation
  • social security numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, etc. of involved parties
  • information regarding an individual's health issues
  • criminal records protected by CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) statute
  • reports involving juveniles (Under age 18)
  • information indicating the ownership or location of firearms
  • Information regarding an individual's health issues (HIPAA)
  • confidential witness, victim, or informant data
  • materials or information which could compromise public safety or effective law enforcement

Other exemptions may apply. In that case the Chief of Police will approve or deny all requests

3. Per the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Act (209A), domestic disturbance reports are available free of charge to the victim. (All others are denied) 4. We will use the information you provide on your request form to comply with your request. It is important to note that your request itself is a public record and may be released under the provisions of the Massachusetts Public Records Act. We will not release this information for any other reason.


Our incident and arrest reports are available to the public subject to the approval of the Chief of Police. If you have not reviewed our policy regarding the release of reports, you may wish to read it to determine if the call you are interested in is likely to have generated a report.

Although much incident and arrest information is considered public, some of it is not. A partial list of exemptions is included in the policy section of this page.

If you would like to request an incident or arrest report, we ask you to please print out our Request Form (PDF) and submit it per the outline there. Under the new Public Records Law, we can't mandate the use of a specific form, but completion of this form and provision of the information requested can assist the Police Department in most efficiently responding to your request. Certain fees will apply.


Our accident reports are available to the public subject to the approval of the Chief of Police. Some accidents are considered non-reportable and may not have generated a police report. In addition, many people confuse police accident reports and the Information Exchange Form.

Reports regarding accidents under investigation are not available to the public.

Special Note: For insurance purposes, your insurance company should issue their own request to us and pay the appropriate fee on your behalf. You may request a copy of the police report about your accident for your own information, but you are not required to purchase a copy for your insurance company.

If you would like to request an accident report, print out our Request Form (PDF) and submit it per the instructions outlined there. Certain fees will apply.


The following guidelines apply to the fees we charge for police reports. If your request is denied, your fee will be refunded. If your request is approved but information is redacted, the full fee applies. All fees are payable at the time your request form is filed with us. If an additional sum is required, we will notify you and the additional amount will be payable when you pick up your report.

Report Type Fee

We may assess a reasonable fee for the production of a public record except those records that are freely available for public inspection (e.g. public log or press log).

Single and double-sided black and white paper copies or printouts of public records susceptible to reproduction by ordinary means cannot exceed $0.05 per page.

Public records should be provided in electronic format, if possible, and it should be presumed that the requester's preferred format is electronic unless otherwise noted. No copy costs may be charged for records provided electronically or by facsimile.

If any fee is going to be assessed, we must provide the requester with a written, good faith estimate within 10 business days.

If we don't respond to the request within 10 business days, no fee may be charged.


This form may be used to request records under the control of the Provincetown Police Department. Completion of this form and provision of the information requested can assist the Police Department in most efficiently responding to your request via our online form (PDF).

We regret that the form cannot be submitted online. Kindly print it, fill it out, and mail or drop it off to us at 26 Shankpainter Road Provincetown, MA 02657 so that we can provide you with the information responsive to your request.

For Records questions, please email the records division.