The  purchase of 2021 Parking Permits and Payment of parking tickets is available to do online HERE.

On October 13th, 2020, the Provincetown Select Board voted to extend the Commercial Street Parking Ban.  Parking Enforcement in all other areas outside of the Commercial Street Parking Ban or Snow Removal Parking Bans is from May 1st through October 31st, 7 days a week, including holidays.  There is no parking on Commercial Street between Johnson Street and Winthrop Street.

Provincetown continues to monitor and adjust public parking operations in response to COVID-19.


With the new parking booths in place at the MacMillan Pier and Grace Hall parking lots, we are rolling out new services to provide parking permits to residents and visitors. We will continue to update this page with more information regarding the new technology . 

THIS helpful walk-through provides a guide to the new online permit portal; if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Town Treasurer Alex Williams, or Acting Emergency Management and Transportation Coordinator, Erin Ellis. 


  • Applicants must provide a valid license and vehicle registration
  • Applicants must own property or register a vehicle in Provincetown to qualify for Resident Permits.
  • Residents must pay any outstanding taxes or parking violations to receive their permit

Permit Classes

Resident Senior (64+) Permit: No Charge 

  • All parking lots, meter/kiosk zones, and all Resident Only Streets

Board & Committee Members/Firefighters: No Charge

  • All parking lots, meter/kiosk zones, and all Resident Only Streets

Resident Limited Permit: $55.00

  • Grace Hall Lot, all meter & kiosk zones, all Resident Only Streets

Resident Expanded Permit: $150.00

  • MacMillan Pier & Grace Hall Lots, all meter & kiosk zones, all Resident Only Streets

Visitor Limited Permit Permit: $175.00

  • Grace Hall Lot, all meter and kiosk zones (not Resident Only Zones/streets)

Visitor Expanded Permit Permit: $350.00

  • MacMillan Pier & Grace Hall Lots, all meter and kiosk zones (not Resident Only Zones/streets)

     7-Day Guest Permit: $75.00

  • Jerome Smith Lot

RV Permits

There are a limited number of Resident ($250.00) and Visitor ($500) RV Permits available for the Jerome Smith and VFW Lots.  The 2021 RV Permits will be sold through a lottery system.  Applications are due Friday, March 5th, at 12pm.  The application can be found here. 

Special Permits

Please contact the Parking Department at 508-487-7050 to obtain the following:

  • Utility Trailer Permits

Please contact the Collector’s Office at 508-487-7015  at Town Hall to obtain the following:

Seasonal Parking Rates

  • The municipal parking lot (adjacent to MacMillan Pier) $3.50/hour or max. daily $35.00. Grace Hall parking lot (Bradford and Prince Street) $2.50/hour or max. daily $25.00
  • The parking meter rate is $1.50 per hour.
  • The kiosk parking and payment machine spots are $2.00 per hour.

The Parking Fund

All Provincetown parking revenues from the lots, meters, kiosks, and sale of vehicle permits, are deposited into the Parking Fund. Pursuant to special legislation Chapter 790 of the Acts of 1981, the Parking Fund covers department operations and is then applied to reduce the property tax levy.