Building Department

Effective January 1st, 2023 All Residential Applications shall demonstrate compliance with the 2021 IECC.

The primary function of the Building Department is to enforce 780 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR), the Massachusetts State Building Code, 9th Edition, and the various codes referenced therein.

It is our philosophy that enforcement of the Codes begins with a proper Permit Application. To that end, it is our policy to work with applicants to provide complete and quality information so that Permits can be issued in a timely manner and that required field corrections as a result of failed inspections are kept to a minimum.

  The 9th Edition of the Building Code is comprised of two main documents:

  • 2015 International Building Code (with Massachusetts amendments), and
  • 2015 International Residential Code (with Massachusetts amendments)

Other important codes that are part of the above-reference codes are:

2015 International Existing Building Code (with Massachusetts amendments)
2018 International Energy Conservation Code (with Massachusetts amendments)

It is important to note that Provincetown is now a Green Community and as such, requires permit applicants to conform to the Stretch Energy Code.

Other referenced codes include, but are not limited to: