B-Street Garden

Browne Street Community Garden and Conservation Park

Location: 6-R Browne Street, Provincetown, MA  (accessible via a driveway between 14 and 8 Browne St.)

About the Park

The Brown Street Community Garden and Conservation Park (a/k/a "B Street Garden") was established in 2009 for the purpose of providing a place for community based agriculture, open space, and recreation. Photo of community garden bed in summer bloom

The 2.29 acre property includes the land where the community garden is located, as well as an adjacent naturalized landscape of native and introduced plants, a deep emergent marsh and shrub swamp wetlands. The property’s close proximity to the larger environs of Shank Painter Pond and other conservation land make this property a valuable resource for town residents, as well as wildlife that rely on the many resources provided by the surrounding wetlands. The B-Street Garden and Conservation Park officially opened on May 1, 2010. It welcomes gardeners, visitors, beekeepers and outdoor enthusiasts to share their enjoyment of this beautiful open space.

B Street Garden

The garden provides members with a designated plot of land to garden as they wish (within specified rules and guidelines).  The result is an eclectic patchwork of garden plots displaying many different gardening styles.  The true character of Provincetown can be seen throughout. Visitors to the garden can view 70+ garden plots with many varieties of vegetables, flowers and plants growing. The garden also offers a prime spot for birding, as it sits next to Shank Painter Pond.

The garden area consists of over 70 individual plots, including 5 raised accessible garden beds.  Given the popularity of the community garden, there is usually a waitlist to get a garden plot.  A few plots usually turn over each year, so it is not unusual to be on a waitlist for two or more growing seasons. Gardeners pay a nominal annual fee and are required to complete specified time conducting work on the common areas and projects of the garden in order to maintain their plots. (Please see the garden rules posted below, including workday requirements for maintaining a plot.)

Close-up photo of community garden bed in summer bloomPicture of accessible, standing garden bed (4 feet above ground)

Thank you to the Provincetown Conservation Commission, the B-Street Garden Advisory Group, AmeriCorps Cape Cod and, of course, our gardeners for all their hard work in helping make this a wonderful and successful community project.

Waitlist for NEW MEMBERS

If you are interested in getting a garden plot and meet the requirements, you may add your name to the waitlist by clicking HERE to submit an online application. (First time users of the Town's online service center will be prompted to create a user account.) You need not be a Provincetown resident, but you must be a resident of Massachusetts.
Please review the current garden rules (see link below) before adding your name to the list.  Garden rules are subject to change and are updated regularly. You will be notified when a garden plot becomes available and you are next on the list.  You will be able to renew your garden plot each year online, assuming you have met the work requirements and other rules and requirements of the B-Street Community Garden.


If you are a returning gardener looking to renew, please click HEREIf you are eligible for renewal, you will be prompted to enter your payment information directly through the payment portal.  You will also be asked to once again agree to the terms and conditions of the B-Street Community Garden.  Please review the rules in the link below before agreeing as the garden rules may have changed from the previous season.  Please watch your email for a notification advising you that the renewal period is open.

Questions? Please email the Conservation Agent, Melyssa Millett, by clicking here, or by calling 508-487-7000 ext. 571.

B-Street Garden Rules and Pledge (PDF)

"Grow Time Take One" - Mini-Documentary of the B-Street Garden
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"Grow Time Take Three: - The third installment

2023 B Street Garden Advisory Group members:

Jim McGuire
Lory Santos
Keith Hunt
Anthony Iannacci
Joseph Asermely
Ken Balon