General Information

Bicycle Rack

A bike rack is located to the right of the main terminal entry doors.

Food and Drinks

Soda machines, snack vending machines, and a water fountain are all located inside the terminal building. A pot of coffee is also usually available in the vending area.


The terminal building is open daily; times vary depending on Cape Air's flight schedule. The terminal will always be open at least 30 minutes before the first scheduled flight of the day.

Internet WiFi

Free wireless internet service is available in and near the terminal buildling.


The airport parking lot is available for airport patrons while traveling, picking up, or dropping off passengers. Use of the airport parking lot for non-airport business is not allowed and could result in vehicle being towed at owner's expense.


Restrooms are located inside the terminal building. Restrooms are available when the terminal building is open.

Telephones and Cell Phones

Cellular service

Cellular service is limited at the airport due to its remote location within the National Seashore. There is a cell repeater located at the terminal; some users will be able to pick up a signal easier than others.

Free Telephone

A free telephone for local, toll-free, and calling card calls is located to the left of the main terminal entry door. This phone is available regardless of whether the terminal building is open. The free phone is located in a grey plastic box mounted to the wall next to the front door.

Pay Telephone

A pay telephone is available in the exterior waiting area near the main terminal entrance.