Rental Information

Rental Certificates: 

The Provincetown Board of Health has adopted new public health and safety regulations pertaining to the renting of property for habitation, Board of Health Regulation, Habitations for Rent. This new regulation applies to all forms of rental property including weekly and other short-term rentals, or long-term for seasonal and year round housing.

If you are renting property, you are required to obtain a Renter's Certificate. 

We have moved to online permitting; please see instructions here to set up your “Applicant” account with a Password –  and the permitting platform is here.

For Massachusetts Office of Attorney General eviction help, click here. The Attorney General’s Office recommends that tenants that are faced with bad housing conditions in their apartments make a written request to their landlord. If that doesn’t work, seek help from your local Board of Health. If violations are found, a tenant’s landlord might be forced to make necessary repairs. Occupant's have responsibilities to exercise reasonable care in the use of all building and structural elements of the residence.  Tenants can file a case in Housing Court seeking an order to require a landlord to make repairs. Legal aid organizations to help in these cases can be found here.

For additional information, please call, or email:
Community Development 508-487-7020 or Email Aaron Hobart, Code Compliance Officer.

Map & Location of the Transfer Station:


90 Race Point Road


HOURS: From May 1st thru end of October: 7 days per week 6:00 am to 1:00 pm
From Nov 1st thru end of April: Tuesday thru Saturday 6:00 am to 1:00 pm

Links to other relevant Town Regulations:

General Bylaws - Chapter 13 (PDF)
13-1. Prohibited use of private property
13-2. Prohibited conduct
13-2-7. Dog Regulations
13-3. Prohibited use of motor vehicles
13-4. Prohibited use of waterfront and harbor

Board of Health Regulations - 1000 Solid Waste Recycling Regulations (PDF)

Board of Health Regulations - Pt. XII, Art. 5: Habitations For Rent Regulations (PDF)

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