Insurance Advisory Commission

Enabling legislation and composition of membership

The Insurance Advisory Committee was established pursuant to M.G.L. 32B, section 3, which provides that, prior to purchasing blanket health or life insurance for employees "the appropriate public authority shall consult with an advisory committee for the purpose of securing the written recommendations of a majority of the membership of said committee. Said committee shall consist of eight members as follows: seven persons to be duly elected or appointed to membership on such committee by organizations of the employees affected, and one person who shall be a retiree of a governmental unit who shall be duly appointed to membership on said committee by the appropriate public authority."

Agendas & Minutes

View the Insurance Advisory Committee Agendas & Minutes.


AFSCME: Joyce Mathews

NEPBA: Joseph D’Andrea

MA Teachers’ Assn.: Kelly Lindsey

Non-Union Employees: Sherry Prada

Retirees: Susan Avellar

AFSCME: Cheryl MacKenzie

NEPBA Alternate: Sarah Bartholomew

MA Teachers' Assn.: Lisa Daunais

Non-Union Employees: Laura Grandel

Non-Union Employee Alternate: Scott Fahle