Housing Authority

Mission & Authority:

The Housing Authority is a public agency with the primary mission to develop and manage decent, safe, affordable rental housing for low income households, in accordance with the needs of the Town. There are various related responsibilities and authorities listed throughout Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 121B, including rental assistance programs, redevelopment of distressed areas, housing for moderate income households, home ownership programs in rural areas, as well as state and federal enabling and funding legislation which targets different needs groups (family, elderly, persons with disabilities, special needs, etc). The Housing Authority is regulated in accordance Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 121B as well as the regulations governing grants utilized to develop or subsidize its housing programs, and other laws relevant to its operation as a public agency. At this time, the Provincetown Housing Authority operates housing for families and housing with supportive services for people who are homeless and HIV+.

Agendas & Minutes

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  • Frances M. Coco, Chair - Term Ends May, 2026
  • Donna Szeker, Clerk/Secretary - Term Ends May, 2024
  •     Charlene Parris, Treasurer - Term Ends May, 2025
  • Arlene Weston, Vice-Chair  - Term Ends May, 2026
  •     Vacant, State Appointee - Term Ends

 Contact: Housing Director Kristin Hatch

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