Guess Who! Recreation Web Series

Hello Provincetown ! 

We are excited to bring to you a FUN new virtual game for all ages- Guess Who- Provincetown Rec. Edition.  

If you would like to play : Record yourself impersonating a character of your liking, following the Rules we have presented: 

  • Time limit of 10 seconds

  • NO impersonating someone or something within our community. 

  • Can use props 

  • Only allowed to give two clues. 

  • NEEDS to be kid friendly and appropriate for ALL ages. 

  • No political representation of any kind- that includes political figures.

Viewers and other community members will then comment their guesses on who they think you are !

**  As a reminder Provincetown Recreation has the right to refuse posts and remove any content we feel does not fit our community guidelines.

Guess Who Episode 1:

Guess Who Episode 2: