Housing Development at VFW & 26 Shank Painter Road

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The Community Builders June 13 presentation to the Select Board.  image site plan

3 Jerome Smith Project Eligibility Letter TCB and the leadership of the Town of Provincetown are working in close partnership and the parties have agreed that a “friendly 40B” zoning path makes the most sense for this project.  TCB has presented the proposed project design and program to the Town’s Select Board,  community members, and abutters. The Town and community’s response to the proposed design and program has been positive.  Application for determination of Project Eligibility.  Submission of Supplemental Information to the Application for determination of Project Eligibility.

RFP Search for Developer: In 2021, the Town of Provincetown issued a Request for Proposals [RFP] for housing development at the VFW Site/3 Jerome Smith Road. The Town received three proposals on 7/29/21 – from Commonwealth Community Developers, Pennrose, and The Community Builders [TCB]. Review is underway with the Review Team having met on 9/7 & 9/15/21. Interviews are being scheduled for 10/6/21. See bid results: https://www.provincetown-ma.gov/1074/Bid-Results

Community Engagement Process for Development: In 2019, the Town of Provincetown (the “Town”) hired JM Goldson to provide professional consulting services to assist with the development of a housing development strategy for two properties at the former VFW site [3 Jerome Smith Road, 3-R Jerome Smith Road, and 3-A Jerome Smith Road] – and the current police station site at 26 Shank Painter Road through a robust community engagement process. Beginning with the pre-development financial and site planning for both of these sites and building on existing work including the technical site assessment underway by Bohler Engineering through Mass. Housing Partnership and the 2018 Needs Assessment completed by UMass Dartmouth Public Policy Center, full report at http://www.provincetown-ma.gov/documentcenter/view/10130; presentation at  http://www.provincetown-ma.gov/documentcenter/view/10129See links to additional reports and background information.  

Voters at the October 2013 approved the acquisition of three adjacent parcels of land with the improvements thereon located at 3 Jerome Smith Road, 3-R Jerome Smith Road, and 3-A Jerome Smith Road – commonly known as the VFW site – for $900,000. The site was under consideration for combined use as a new police station and for affordable housing. After a few years of debate about various locations for the new police station, the Town ultimately decided to site it across the street at a different parcel leaving the entire VFW site available for housing. This effort focuses on the VFW site along with the current police station site at 26 Shank Painter Road, both available for community housing.

The Consultant, with the assistance of the Town, conducted a robust community engagement process to finalize the direction on what type(s) of housing to develop at the sites, how many units, scale, appropriate financial resources, and ultimately develop the site. The Town of Provincetown provides a staff team that included the Housing Specialist, the Assistant Town Manager, and the Planner along with others as needed. The community engagement component integrated community ideas with the realities of permitting, funding, attracting a developer – and time!    

FORUM #1 was held on June 19, 2019: The JM Goldson team presented 3 concepts for each site with varying degrees of density. Public Forum #1 Summary:

FORUM #1 Concepts Flyer

FORUM #2 was held on September 17, 2019. Public Forum #2 Summary

FORUM #3 was held on November 13, 2019. Public Forum #3 Summary

JM Goldson presented their findings to the Select Board Presentation on January 27, 2020