Town Projects Updates

Harbor Hill

Project Description: The creation of market rate rental housing for year round residents within the Town of Provincetown: 4 buildings with 28 Units

History:  On February 6, 2017, the Town of Provincetown voted to spend up to $10,700,000 to purchase and renovate 26 units of housing at Harbor Hill.  On September 4, 2018, The Town acquired title to the property for $8,101,620.  The Trust received a $250,000 State Grant in October 2018 to create two (2) additional ADA Compliant Units (bringing the total number of units available from 26 to 28). After not receiving any acceptable bids, the Trust moved forward with renovating Building #5 while re-bidding the larger project and brought that building online and available for rental in May 2019. After two RFPs, the Trust hired the Community Development Partnership [CDP] as the Property Manager in January 2019. After two invitation for bid cycles in a very hot construction market, the June 24, 2019 Special Town Meeting approved $492,000 in additional funding for the Year Round Market Rate Rental Trust allowing the construction contract with NEI to move forward. That renovation project was completed in April 2020. For future planning purposes, the Trust had a Capital Needs Assessment conducted by Dr. Nutt-Powell of Capital Needs Unlimited pro-bono in March 2020.

Last Step: Currently 25 of the 28 units are occupied [89%]. 

Next Step:  As Harbor Hill approaches full occupancy and the Trust continues the ongoing maintenance and improvements, the Trust is considering various options to move forward with future capital needs. In addition, to cover all bases, the Trust has hired a financial consultant, Bev Gallo of Peregrine Urban Initiative regarding financial modeling and potential subsidy assessments for capital improvements of the property

Contact: Michelle Jharbor hillarusiewicz 508-487-7087

Town Wide Goal: Housing 

Strategic Plan Objective: Increase Community Housing availability

VFW & Current Police Station Housing Development Analysis

Project Description: During the October 2013 Special Town Meeting, the Town of Provincetown voted to purchase the VFW Property for a shared space with the intent to for Police Station and/or Affordable Housing purposes.  During the meeting, the vote was amended to remove the language “for police station and/or” from the purchase..

Budget: On April 2, 2018, the Town of Provincetown approved $75,000 to hire development consultants for the property.

Last Step:: A Request for Proposals for consultants was issued by the Town to conduct the pre-development evaluation, including financial options and the community engagement process, for both the VFW site and the current police station site on Shank Painter Road. JM Goldson was awarded the contract April 2019.  The first public forum was conducted on June 19, 2019 at Town Hall, with approximately 33 people in attendance. A survey was put out by the Town of Provincetown, received 164 responses, and the information gathered from the forum and survey were incorporated into the second forum.  This second public forum was held on September 17, 2019, and saw approximately 38 people in attendance. JM Goldson incorporated the information gathered during the forums and survey and presented to a third and final public forum on November 13, 2019.  The refined concepts were presented to the Select Board on January 27, 2020 showing several options for a range of 32 to 47 units at the VFW site, primarily affordable/mixed income rental units with potential ownership units. The preferred option for 26 Shank Painter Road [police station] was for smaller [studio and 1-bedroom] units leaning to income range between 30% and 60% AMI.

Next Step:Determination of new Police Station site and construction. Issue a Request for Proposals for Housing Development at one or both sites.

VFW building

Contact: Michelle Jarusiewicz 508‐487‐7087 mjarusiewicz@provincetown‐

Town Wide Goal: Housing 

Strategic Plan Objective: Increase Community Housing availability

Commercial Street Porous Pavement Project (COMPLETED)

Project Description:  Phases I‐IV Reconstruction of Commercial Street using Porous Pavement has been completed from Allerton Street to West End Boat Ramp. 

Budget: On April 2, 2018, the Town of Provincetown authorized the expenditure of up to $1,075,000 for Phase IV of the Roadway Reconstruction Project. These funds are to be used as a match for the USDA Grant of $2,075,000 awarded on July 16, 2018

Last Act: The Phase IV Road Project has since been completed. A representative from the Town was in Boston on September 10th, 2019 to receive an EPA Environmental Merit Award for our contributions to protecting New England’s Environment. This project has received National attention and the Town will continue to be rewarded for its innovative approach to stormwater management.

Commercial Street Paving

Contact: Rich Waldo rwaldo@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7060

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Promote Policies and programs that protect and sustain the natural environment, and our community’s way of life

New Police Station

Project Description: Construction of a New Police Station at the corner of Jerome Smith and Shank Painter Road

Budget: The Town of Provincetown approved an appropriation of $8,625,000 at the April 2017 Town Meeting.  

Last Step: -The lowest bid for the proposed Police Station, including hard and soft costs, came in at $12.5 million dollars.

-The Town needed to obtain an additional $3.9 million in supplemental funding for the construction of the new station

-On April 1st at the Annual Town Meeting, the request for supplemental funding failed

-On June 18th, the Special Town Election, the request for supplemental funding failed 

Next Step: The Select Board will consider the options moving forward.

Current Police StationContact: Rich Waldo rwaldo@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7060

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Promote Policies and programs that protect and sustain the natural environment, and our community’s way of life

Sewer Expansion

Project Description: Expansion of the existing sewer system

Budget: $6,000,000

Last Step: In October 2019, the Town was awarded a $3.0 million dollar grant/loan package from USDA’s Rural Development grant program. Since the Town only received half of the appropriation needed for expansion, the project was broken into a two phase project, phase 5A and phase 5B. Phase 5A includes the construction of a 430,000 gallon peak flow storage tank while phase 5B will include upgrades to the existing treatment facility and collection system expansion. A construction contract has been awarded to AECOM to begin constructing the tank in September 2020. The Town submitted a second application into USDA for grant/loan funding in early February 2020 for $3.0 million dollars to fund phase 5B. We hope to hear word on an award by the end of October 2020.

Next Step: The sewer team will continue to field questions and provide answers to USDA inquiry into our phase 5B grant/loan application. Meanwhile, construction on the Peak Flow Storage Tank is slated to begin in early September 2020.

Sewer Facility Inside PipesContact: Rich Waldo rwaldo@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7060

Goal: Built and the Environment 

Objective: Continue conversations across relevant Boards and Departments regarding research on expanding municipal sewer system and partnering with Truro to address infrastructure issues such as bicycle and wastewater

MacMillian Pier Marina Reconstruction Project -Wave Attenuator  (COMPLETED)

Project Description: Replacement of floating dock main sections and mitigate storm damage with a 600’ wave attenuator on the East side of the Harbor (Picture above is a digital representation of the project).  The project is set to begin construction after Labor Day and will be completed by February 2020.  

Budget: The Town of Provincetown voted at STM 2013, Article 11 to appropriate $250,000 for design services to repair the floating docks.

In 2015, the Town approved CIP article 18-11 for $4.9 million for the reconstruction of the docks including wave attenuation.  All permits are now in place.

On September 26th,2018, FEMA awarded Provincetown a $3.4 million-dollar grant for the project.  Town funds will be used for the federal grant match.  The project went out to bid on January 11th, bid awarded on February 26th, and a contract executed with the Town on March 6th.

Last Act: The floating dock reconstruction project was completed on the 31st of January 2020 within budget and on schedule.   

Next Act:: Final sign offs from FEMA, Project Engineers and the Army Corps of Engineers are in process, slight delays in schedules due to COVID schedule impacts. 

View of MarinaContact: Doug Boulanger  (508) 487‐7030

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Implement the recently adopted Harbor Plan.  

Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP)

Project Description: A Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) is a guideline for what the community looks like now, where the community is headed, and where the community wants to go over the next 10‐20 years

Budget: N/A-Done with Planning Department staff and volunteer time

Last Step: The Vision and Growth Policy were approved by the LCP Committee.  

Next Step: The Town is working to identify consulting and staffing resources to work on the LCP. The responses to the survey will be incorporated prior to the release of a draft to the community.

LCP logo


Contact: Thaddeus Soule  tsoule@provincetown‐ 508‐487‐7000

Goal: Built and Natural Environment 

Objective: Support efforts to bring forward a local comprehensive plan for the use of all Town owned land


Provincetown 400 Commemoration Planning (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

Project Description: Provincetown 400- The Commemoration of the Pilgrim’s First Landing, the signing of the Mayflower Compact, and sharing the heritage and culture of the native peoples living in Cape Cod prior to the landing of the Pilgrims. 

Budget: Undetermined.  

Last Step: The Town of Provincetown continues to move forward with improvements throughout Town.  Phase 2 of the Bas Relief and Park Restoration began on September 3rd, and the Provincetown Select Board provided guidance to the Department of Public Works on improvements to the First Landing Park. 

Next Step: The Select Board have scheduled a hearing to review proposed improvements to First Landing Park, with the understanding that this will be the start of the master plan for this landmark.  The Wampanoag Memorial sub-committee awaits membership appointment by the Tribal Council. 

View of the MoorsContact: Diana K. Batchelor (DBatchelor@pilgrim‐ 508‐487‐1310, ext. 122

Goal: Economic Development 

Objective: Support efforts of Provincetown 2020 Celebration

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