Community Development

Provincetown Community Development Online Permit System!

Apply for all Community Development permits and licenses online through the online permit center. Applicants can file their application, upload plans/drawings and documents, monitor and track applications throughout the process, view comments, make payments, and more – all online without visiting Town Hall.

Anyone can search for active records. The site can be reached by clicking the “Online Services button on the left side of the home page, then click Search.  

First time applicants must register and create a user account to file an online application -  instructions here.

  •  Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  • Applicants for Zoning and Planning are required to request a pre-application conference at 508-487-7020 or Thaddeus Soule prior to submission.
  • No work will be started until the permit is issued and in the hand of the contractor or person(s) doing the work.
  • Effective July 1, 2020 ALL Permit applications must be done on line.  If you require assistance or don’t have online capabilities, call 508-487-7020.
  • ACH direct-debit payment will be Free
  • Credit Cards are $0.99 & 2.99%

Community Development consists of a group of Divisions that work together to serve the public, guide the Town’s land use and regulatory efforts, and provide staff support to Town regulatory boards in five primary areas:

  • Building Services (includes Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing and Gas)
  • Community Planning (Planning, Zoning, Conservation, Historic District, Growth Management)
  • Health (Board of Health and Public Health)
  • Licensing
  • Housing and Economic Development

Community Development staff work directly with applicants and their representatives to review development proposals, offer professional guidance and technical advice, and ensure that applicants understand the regulatory process to get their projects approved.

 It is the goal of Community Development to help ensure that development and building permit applications are complete when submitted; to review applications in a timely fashion; to share information with the public about the status of all applications; to help ensure predictability of outcome with our regulatory processes, so that similar applications with similar circumstances produce similar results; and to provide fair and equitable enforcement of regulatory decisions.

Depending on the type and scope of the project, a number of different Town Department and/or Board reviews may be required. Every project is unique and we are happy to work with applicants so that they understand the necessary review steps and the time and fees involved.

The first step for any project is to set up a pre-application meeting with the Planning Department. The Town Planner will work with applicants to understand the proposed project, bring in other Community Development staff as necessary and appropriate, and lay out the regulatory pathway for the project. The Permit Coordinator will review submitted applications for completeness and quality of information to help ensure the fairest possible outcome.

Staff Contacts:

Community Development:

  • Tim Famulare, Community Development Director

Building Services:

  • Anne Howard, Building Commissioner
  • Jim Nickerson, Building Inspector

Community Planning:

  • Thaddeus Soulé, Town Planner
  • Ellen Battaglini, Permit Coordinator
  • Melyssa Millett, Environmental Planner & Conservation Agent


  • Lezli Rowell, Health Agent


  • Linda Fiorella, Licensing Agent

Housing and Economic Development:

  • Michelle Jarusiewicz

Zoning Compliance

  • Aaron Hobart

Disclaimer: Town staff are limited in their advice to prospective applicants based on the information presented and any applicant may schedule a pre-application meeting prior to filing an application with the Town. Town of Provincetown Staff make an attempt to ensure the information we provide to property owners and applicants is correct. However, in the event that any information is incorrect or not current, neither the Town, its employees, nor departments assume liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of incomplete, incorrect, or omissions of information. Staff consultations are advisory only. Property owners and applicants for permits or licenses who rely on the information provided by Staff do so at their own risk. Interpretation, adjudication, and decision-making authority rests entirely with the appropriate Town Board or Commission. Property owners and applicants are encouraged to consult with licensed professional advisors for advice concerning specific matters before making any decision.  Failure to hire a licensed professional with experience performing surveying, engineering, architecture, permitting, or construction may delay your project.