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8/13/22:  UPDATE Sewer Emergency Order lifted, all systems go!

(5:45AM) Good morning Provincetown,

We are pleased to report that the entirety of the downtown vacuum sewer system has been returned to stable operation and handled the gradual increase in flows overnight from residential properties.

At this time, ALL users can begin to gradually return to normal water use: the sewer emergency order is lifted!

We are grateful for the dedicated DPW team, our engineering and operations team AECOM and Woodard and Curran, Jimmy Roderick and his team and the Robert B. Our Co. for their long hours and hard work to ensure this unfortunate storm impact could be swiftly repaired.

All staff involved in this emergency response appreciate your patience over the last 48 hours.

Without cooperation from businesses and the community, restoring vacuum system capacity would have encountered more time-consuming difficulties.

Cheers to safe, sanitary and stable wastewater disposal in Provincetown, and bring on the Monsters, Myths & Legends!

Happy Carnival!

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View Public Health Notice regarding rats here. Complaints to the Board of Health about rats led to the creation of a task force comprised of board members, Town staff and consultants, resulting in regulation changes to address the issue.

The Cape Cod Cooperative Extension, a department of Barnstable County, announced Household Hazardous Waste collections open to residents, visitors and small businesses!

Learn more at

Wellfleet, Truro, and Provincetown residents can participate for free at the below dates and locations: 

August 6th 9am-noon @Truro Recycling Center 

October 1st 9am-noon @ Provincetown Transfer Station 

Household Hazardous Waste items include: paints, polishes, stains, yard chemicals, various cleaners, and auto & boat fluids.

The Provincetown Health Department, as agents of the Provincetown Board of Health, performs many important functions relative to the protection of public health, the promotion of sanitary living conditions, and the protection of the environment from damage and pollution.

The scope of the Provincetown Health Department's work includes:

How do I file a complaint with the Health Department?

If you have a concern or complaint for the Health Department to investigate, you may file the complaint online or call (508) 487-7020.