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Economic Development Committee
Economic Development Committee

To encourage initiatives that will increase year-round economic opportunities for Provincetown citizens without creating adverse impacts on the character of our community or our natural environment.

1. Promote initiatives and activities that incubate new economic activity and that focus in areas where the community is not already focused.  We will focus on ideas and concepts that have a likelihood of growing into something bigger or spawning other, adjacent economic activity.
2. Support activities and initiatives that extend the tourist season beyond its traditional July 4th to Labor Day bookends.  We believe bringing focus to the periods directly before or after existing high-visitor times will have the biggest immediate impact and should be our initial focus.
3. Promote activities, initiatives and investment that make it easier for small businesses and entrepreneurs to operate in Provincetown.  Our focus includes, but is not limited to; infrastructure (phone, internet, etc), workspace/facilities, fostering a sense of community and entrepreneurs helping one another, and off-season travel to and from Provincetown.
4. Encourage investments in non-traditional (non-tourism) sectors and seek ways to leverage the Provincetown brand and reputation.
5. Identify policies, procedures and regulations that make doing business or enhancing our economic development difficult.  Specifically, as we uncover these issues we will report them to Town staff, the Board of Selectmen and other interested parties.

Vacant - Term Ends 6/30/2021
Rita "Hersh" Schwartz - Term Ends 6/30/2021
Regina Cassidy - Term Ends 6/30/2020
Trevor A. McCarthy- Term Ends 6/30/2020
Steven Baker - Term Ends 6/30/2019
Vacant, Alt. - Term Ends 6/30/2019

Contact: Town Manager Executive Assistant Elisabeth Verde

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