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Sewer Department
Sewer Emergency Number
Sherry Prada
Operations Director

Veterans Memorial Community Center
2 Mayflower St
Provincetown, MA  02657

Ph: (508) 487-7060
Fx: (508) 487-4675

Monday - Thursday
7:00 am - 4:00 pm
7:00 am - 11:00 am
For all sewer-related emergencies, please call this number (508) 487-5474.

Sewer Regulations   iconpdf.gif Click here for the file.
Adopted by the Water & Sewer Board 

Connection Rate Increase–Red Dot Properties
On July 12, 2007, the Provincetown Water and Sewer Board held a public hearing and voted, pursuant to MGL c. 83, §16, to increase the connection surcharge rate from the current rate of $39.08/gallon of Title 5 flow to $45.00/gallon. On August 27, 2007 the Provincetown Board of Selectmen voted, pursuant to MGL c. 40, §22F, to approve the recommendation of the Water and Sewer Board effective November 1, 2007. This rate change affects only those Red Properties who have not connected to the sewer and who have not voluntarily begun paying a sewer connection surcharge. Red properties who connect to the sewer—or who agree to be assessed a connection surcharge—prior to November 1, 2007 shall be assessed at the current rate. Connections and requests for assessment of a sewer connection surcharge after November 1, 2007 shall be at the new rate. Inquiries may be directed to the Department of Public Works.

Elderly Low-Income Sewer Exemption
Effective April 15, 2016, the Provincetown Water and Sewer Board adopted an exemption equal to one-half of the charges for sewer service per billing cycle for those elderly low-income ratepayers who meet the requirements for a Clause 41C real estate tax exemption, as administered by the Board of Assessors.  Contact the Board of Assessors for further details.

Licensed Sewer Connectors

Arthur F. Reis
P.O. Box 1557 Provincetown, MA 02657
(508) 487-8556

Bobby Martin
P.O. Box 891 North Truro, MA


Christopher W. Our
P.O. Box 1539 Harwich, MA 02645
(508) 432-0530


Ethan Poulin
P.O. Box 263 N. Truro, MA 02652
(508) 487-2503

Gregory F. Morris
P.O. Box 1061 Truro, MA 02666
(508) 349-7300

James J. Roderick
P.O. Box 637 Provincetown, MA 02657
(508) 487-1578

James W. Silva
P.O. Box 71 Provincetown, MA 02657
(508) 487-1856

GFM Enterprises
P.O. Box 2784
Orleans, MA 02653
(508) 247-0313

Provincetown Sewer system special acts of the Legislature
Sewer district authorization C. 157, St. 2000
Sewer design/build/operate authorization                                                 C. 191, St. 2000
Sewer betterments C. 204, St. 2002
19.125% of local room tax for wastewater enterprise fund C. 391, St. 1998

Town of Provincetown
260 Commercial Street
Provincetown, MA 02657
Ph: (508) 487-7000
Fx: (508) 487-9560