Why this location?

Town Meeting Vote

In 2017 Town Meeting voted to build the police station at 16 Jerome Smith, a lot the Town owns, so there is no acquisition expense.

Other Sites Considered

Ten sites were evaluated, and 4 sites with a total of 6 options were selected for further evaluation in 2016. Of those 6 options, 3 are no longer available, 2 others can’t meet the needs of the police department, so this is the only suitable site.

VFW Site

Residents at the 2013 Town Meeting voted the VFW site be purchased for “municipal uses” including affordable housing. The VFW site is no longer available.

The Skate Park

The Recreation Committee is currently evaluating options for relocating the Skate Park.

The Current Police Station site

The Town will hold this site for future projects. The final decision on its use will be made by the Select Board

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1. Why do we need a new police station?
2. What are the benefits of the new station?
3. How sustainable and “Green” is the new building?
4. What are the cost and tax impacts?
5. Why this location?
6. Why this size?
7. Why this design?
8. What's inside and why?
9. What's the timeline?