What is a Fire Inspection Report? Do I need one for my business?

A fire inspection report is simply a test of your fire alarm system performed by a licensed electrician. It gets submitted to the town Fire Department and Department of Community Development by the electrician when complete. You may also submit a copy given to you by the electrician.

If you are part of a larger complex which has a hardwired fire alarm system, you will need a fire inspection report from your landlord's electrician to submitted with your yearly licensing application. Otherwise, if you have battery operated fire alarms (similar to those used in homes), you do not need an inspection report, the town inspector will test them during your licensing inspection.

Ultimately you are responsible for the fire alarm inspection if your business/unit has an alarm system that is hard wired. If that is the situation you must call your electrician or landlord to test that system each season you license your business.

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