What is the “right” size needed for both the Police and Highway Garage Buildings?
In determining the appropriate size of each facility, the architectural firm goes through a programming exercise where it assesses each department’s space needs. The estimated cost of the project is based on average public building costs for similar type structures until such time that an actual bid for construction can be submitted.

Existing vs. Proposed Facilities

Existing Proposed
Police Department 5608 sf pending*

Existing Proposed
DPW Highway Garage 4096 sf 16,152 sf*
Highway Garage Sheds 853 sf
Parking Meter Shed 921 sf
Ambulance Shed 600 sf
Water Meter Shed 294 sf
Salt Shed 3200 sf 4,800 sf*
DPW Admin Offices 1500 sf
Cemetery Garage 600 sf
Cemetery Sheds 208 sf
-------------- --------------
12,272 sf 20,952 sf*

* As the project is being developed the size of the structures are being refined. The architectural firm is currently reviewing the programming needs to reduce the size of the structures as directed by the Board of Selectmen. The figures listed are as of March 22, 2012.

We are working on providing comparisons of both size and price of other town facilities on the Cape and throughout the Commonwealth, which will be added to this site when available.

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4. What is the “right” size needed for both the Police and Highway Garage Buildings?