Notice & Announcements

To all persons subject to taxation in the Town of
Provincetown: Fiscal Year 2024

In accordance with the provisions of General Laws, Ch. 59, § 29, all individuals, partnerships, associations or trusts, and corporations, residents of or owning property located in Provincetown are hereby notified that they are required , on or before March 1, 2023, to bring in to the Board of Assessors in the form prescribed by the Commissioner of Revenue, true lists of property. All taxable tangible personal property shall be listed on the following forms:

Form 2- For all personal property of individuals, partnerships, associations, trusts and corporations doing business in the above municipality.

Form 2HF- For all household furnishings and effects of individuals if kept at a place other than their domicile.

Form 3(ABC) - For all real and personal property held for literary temperance benevolent charitable or scientific purposes on January 1,2023, or, at the election of the corporation, on the last day of its fiscal year last preceding January 1, 2023, such lists to include the amount of receipts and expenditures for said purposes during the year of the return.

Fraternal Benefit Corporations, which make returns to the Commissioner of Insurance under General Laws, Chapter 176, § 38, are not required to file this list.

Blanks for all forms may be obtained at the Office of the Board of Assessors (260 Commercial Street) or will be mailed by the assessors upon request or on our Frequently Used Forms page.

Board of Assessors
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