Highway Department



Pursuant to Chapter 40, Section 22D of the General Laws Massachusetts, the towing of motor vehicles shall be allowed if said vehicles are parked in violation of snow cleaning regulations, which prohibit parking on those streets designated as Emergency Snow Routes.

In the event of plowable snow, the Town shall activate an Emergency Snow Removal Parking Ban on all Emergency Snow Routes.  Residents can receive an alert on their phone or email when a parking ban is initiated. Parking Ban Alerts here 


All snow plowing areas are clearly posted during the winter months with signs displaying the wording, “Emergency Snow Route, Tow Away Zone, No Parking in the Event of Snowfall”.

The following streets shall be designated as snow plowing areas:

Alden Street,

Atlantic Avenue,

Brewster Street,

Center Street,

Commercial Street,

Conant Street (upper & lower),

Cottage Street (upper),

Cudworth Street,

Johnson Street,

Miller Hill Road,

Montello Street (upper & lower),

Nickerson Street (upper & lower),

Pearl Street (upper & lower),

Pleasant Street,

Pricilla Alden,

Prince Street,

Ryder Street,

Standish Street, (upper & lower),

and West Vine Street.

(upper is north of Bradford Street, lower is south of Bradford Street)

The parking ban will remain in effect until cancelled, even if the snow stops.  It often takes public works crews longer to remove the snow from the roadways.  By parking on a snow removal route you are hindering our overall snow removal efforts, you also risk your vehicle being ticketed and towed away at your expense.

Overhanging Tree Limbs, Bushes, and Hedges

Residents should be aware that the Highway Department continually monitors our Town roadways for overhanging tree limbs and overgrown shrubs and hedges that may create a public safety issue or impede Public Works operations. Trees, shrubs and hedges that are not properly trimmed create pedestrian and vehicular traffic hazards, as well as hinder Public Works operations such as pick-up of trash and recycling, snow removal, plowing and sanding. If the Department of Public Works determines that trees, shrubs or hedges on private property are creating an obstruction, the property owner is notified in writing that they will need to prune or trim the vegetation. If this is not completed within a reasonable amount of time, the Department of Public Works will take action to complete the requested work.