Motta Field Planning Project

The Town of Provincetown, with the design firm Weston & Sampson is proud to announce the start of the visioning and planning for the redesign of Motta Field.

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The future design of Provincetown's Motta Field will be up to the community. Please make sure you follow along and provide as much input as possible on your wants and needs for this space.


Thank you to all those who attended our 3rd Community Meeting for Motta Field on May 3rd! Please see the slideshow that was presented Click Here

Or watch the live recording of the meeting here:

Community 3 Flier Image


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Stay Tuned! 

Various meetings and open houses will take place for the Motta Field Planning Project. In-person gatherings, online surveys and site visits will help Weston & Sampson get a better idea as to what the public and Provincetown Community envision at this site. Please check back and follow along for updates on the progress of this project ! 

PRESS RELEASE: November 14th, 2022

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