Town Manager COVID-19 Updates

To help manage the spread of the Coronavirus, and as a precautionary measure, the Town of Provincetown has closed all Town buildings to public traffic, with the exception of the Police Department and the Airport. Staff will continue to work regular business hours and are available by phone and email. If you need to drop off anything for a department, please use the drop boxes located outside Town buildings. We will continue to hold necessary public board and regulatory committee meetings and hearings virtually, please check the posted agenda for information on how to participate.

Please understand that your Town Government is operating within a State of Emergency.  We are trying our best to provide the essential services to the community while at the same time protecting ourselves.  This means we are operating remotely with minimal crews.  Please be patient when reaching out, we are trying very hard to provide clear and concise information to residents.  When calling Town Hall, please note that your call is being forwarded to a staff member’s personal phone, so stay on the line for several rings until you reach someone.  Reach out to us by email when possible to allow us time to respond to your questions.  Sign up for town alerts and check the website and Facebook page for updates.

If you have not already signed up for the Alert System, please do so at To information on Town Government operations call the Town Business Hotline at 508-413-9600 or the Department directly.                       Emergency Order Icon Opens in new window                             

Town Manager’s Most Recent Update Message (PDF)

During a State of Emergency it is absolutely critical that the community comes together in support of a unified response to the COVID-19 crisis.  There is much discussion on social media about residents, non-residents, year rounders and second homeowners.  These labels and social media conversations are causing fear and discord at a time when we need care, compassion and unity.  As far as the administration is concerned we are one community and we will do our upmost to care for everyone regardless of their residency status or birthright. 

Of course we are concerned about critical capacities in our emergency response, public safety, and health care facilities, but now is not the time to draw distinctions, create classes and label individuals.  Town staff, first responders and essential service employees have all stepped up and are doing their best to care for all those in need.  We are monitoring the local positive cases daily and to date they are doing well and have their needs being cared for.  They are all quarantined and sheltering in place.

It is absolutely critical that all members on the community shelter in place except for when they are providing or obtaining essential services, and when doing so, practice social distancing.  Personal responsibility and safe practices will keep you safe.  Self-isolate, wash your hands, practice social distance.  If you are sick, stay home and monitor your symptoms and reach out to your primary health provider by phone when needed.   This is a very scary time and we all need to maintain calm and show compassion and care to those around us regardless of who they might be.

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