Event Coordinator


The Town of Provincetown Event Coordinator acts as the Town Officer for all public use activities within the Town Hall Auditorium and select Town Properties. The Event Coordinator manages, schedules, supervises all functions, and oversees the maintenance and upkeep of the Town Hall Auditorium as it relates to the public use of Town Hall. The Auditorium is a multi-use space which can be rented for small to large events. The space can be used for weddings, arts and craft fairs, expositions, theatrical events, film presentations, dances and music concerts, to name a few.

The tables and chair capacity is 270, seating capacity is 708, and standing room capacity is 708.

The rental rate fee schedule is included in the Application packet.

Town Hall Rental Application (PDF)

Checklist for Application of Public Use of Town Hall (PDF)

Rates and Regulations for Town Hall Use (PDF)


Applications for Use of Town Properties (PDF) are made to the Event Coordinator. Applicants must provide a detailed agenda, event description and receive approval from all departments that are involved in the event. Event costs can include police detail, liquor license permit fees, trash removal, street sweeping, temporary bathroom facilities, damage repair, but are not limited to these areas of expense.

The areas the Event Coordinator facilitates in addition to Town Hall Auditorium are:

  • Bas Relief Park
  • Town Hall Grounds
  • Lopes Square
  • Suzanne's Gardens
  • First Landing Park

Additional applications may include One-Day Liquor License Application, Entertainment License and fees, Temporary Sign Permit, Food Permit, Tent Permit and Certificate of Liability Insurance.

Additional applications depending on the proposed activity may include the following: