Tree Warden

In Massachusetts, we are fortunate to have a relatively long history of public shade tree protection. Over 100 years ago, the Commonwealth adopted a statute for the protection of public shade trees (MA General Law Ch. 87, known as the "Public Shade Tree Act," 1899). In modern times many Massachusetts towns, with the encouragement of the State Department of Conservation and Recreation, have adopted more detailed tree ordinances to implement the state statute. The tree bylaw is intended to do the same for the town of Provincetown.

The bylaw was drafted in the spring of 2016 by a working group comprised of Richard Waldo, Director of DPW and the town's Tree Warden and Margaret Murphy, an environmental lawyer and the founder of Trees Provincetown, a nonprofit organization recently formed to provide tree-related community service in town. Working with the Beautification Committee, the Town Planner, the Planning Board and the Conservation Commission the bylaw was adopted at the April 2017 Annual Town Meeting.

Tree By-Law

Trees contribute to the health and well-being of the Town of Provincetown (the "Town") and its residents and wildlife. Trees also help define the Town's ambience and streetscape and enhance property values. The purpose of this bylaw is to preserve and protect public shade trees in Provincetown in accordance with the provisions of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 87, and to provide standards for the proper care of town trees.

The Tree Warden along with the assistance of his/her appointed Tree Advisory Group will regulate the removal and replacement of public shade & town trees and promote the planting and protection of trees in Town.

Tree By-Law (PDF)